4 Must-Dos after a Data Breach

You receive frantic calls from your secretary that an employee has clicked on a malicious link and exposed confidential client information. What now? What happens next? Employees […]

Cybersecurity – Five Most Common Data Breaches

What is data breach? Data breaches are incidents where information is accessed without authorisation. Caused either intentionally or unintentionally, data breaches result in potentially damaging consequences. In […]

How is Personal Data Compromised?

  • 23/01/2019
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  • Nucleo Consulting

The solution to protect your data How Nucleo Consulting protects your DataOur state of the art backup and data recovery solutions store your data both locally and […]

Top 5 Mistakes in the IT Department

  • 05/11/2018
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  • Nucleo Consulting

MISTAKE 1Hiring IT people with no integrity, resulting in slack work and cyber crimesA recent incident involving a slack senior manager resulted in one of Singapore’s worst […]