4 Must Dos after a Data Breach

You receive frantic calls from your secretary that an employee has clicked on a malicious link and exposed confidential client information. What now? What happens next?

Employees and contractors are the number one cause of data breaches. The cost of damage or theft of IT assets and infrastructure costs about S$500,000 for Singapore companies.

An example of costs involved includes:

  • Data recovery fees
  • Legal fees
  • Compensation
  • Data forensics fee to identify the cause of the breach
  • Upgrading technology and security software
  • Hidden costs (lost business, negative impact on reputation, employee time spent on recovery)

Be Prepared , Be Equipped and Be Safe .

Most importantly, improve on the weakest link in your systems – the end users. You can do so by simply signing up your employees for our Cyber Essentials Course. Equip them with the knowledge to prevent data breaches.

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