Spring Cleaning Tips For A Faster Computer

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Slow and laggy computer? Spring cleaning your computer is a great way to give it a boost! While purchasing new computers sounds tempting, it is wasteful for a working computer to sit on the shelves, untouched.

Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips to housekeep your PC:

Physical cleaning

What’s more distracting than a dirty computer screen full of dust and fingerprints? Cleaning the exterior of your devices is an excellent way to refresh the look of your devices. Remember to ensure that your devices are turned off and ensure not to spray any form of liquid directly onto your device. Instead, any liquid or cleaning solutions should be applied onto a clean cloth for cleaning your devices instead. You wouldn’t want to ruin your devices with any water/ liquid damage!

Toothpicks or similar small objects are useful for getting into those hard-to-reach places. Places such as small gaps between keys on your keyboard or the gaps between your laptop’s keyboard and screen can be easily cleaned by wrapping a toothpick with a tissue or a cleaning wipe.

Replace new keyboard covers, laptop covers, or even a mouse pad for a total workstation makeover!


No matter how much space your mailbox has, it’s always good to keep it neat and tidy. You will be thankful for it when the time comes, especially when you have to dig out a specific document from your email!

Emails such as old newsletters, old advertisements, or past email conversation that is not in use should be deleted, so as not to waste the space for something more exciting!

Old emails that you may need to reference in the future? Try archiving them! Archiving your emails is a systematic way to sort out your mailbox and enable faster retrieval in the future when required.

In other words, a neat and tidy mailbox is your first step to better productivity and efficiency!


Spring cleaning your computer is more than just cleaning the exterior! To enjoy your device’s optimal performance, and lengthen the lifespan of your devices, the system and software have to be updated regularly. Be sure to check out your installed software once in a while and uninstall those that you have not used or do not need anymore. You’ll be surprised how much space you free up!

Have you ever clicked on the “remind me later” button and totally forgotten about it after? Don’t do that. Software and system updates are equally important!

These updates don’t just let you have the latest version. The Software/ system updates also include new features, bug fixes, and patches for cybersecurity flaws to keep cyber threats at bay. For the sake of your cyber security, always ensure that all software and systems are up to date!

Remember, cyber security starts with you. Don’t let the cyber attack spread from you!

Files & Folders

Spend some time going through all the files and folders you have on your PC, smartphone, external hard disk, or any other storage device. Chances are, you may find some duplicated, unused, or outdated documents you do not need anymore.

Also, some programs create temporary files while running. As time passes, these junk files may take up disk space on your devices too. It is recommended to use disk clean-up tools to clear out such files regularly.


When was the last time you changed your passwords?

A strong password is your first line of defense against intruders and hackers. It is recommended to change your passwords every 3 months, and enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever possible. To ensure your password/ passphrase is strong, it is recommended to follow the tips below:

  • Keeping it random
  • Use random capitalized characters and symbols
  • Avoid running numbers or alphabets (Eg. 12345678 or abc123)
  • Ensure your password contains at least 12 characters
  • Do not include personal information such as NRIC, mobile number, or birthdate within your password
  • Enable MFA/ 2FA whenever possible

The Chinese believe that spring cleaning their house would get rid of bad luck from the previous year and get them ready for a new start in the new year. However, cyber threats don’t only come once a year. It is recommended to housekeep your PC regularly.

Devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and storage devices should also be maintained regularly to prevent them from lagging and to prolong their lifespan. Remember, both physical and cyber hygiene is equally important and should be kept at the highest standard possible, at all times.

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