Top 5 Mistakes in the IT Department

  • June 23rd, 2024
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Hiring IT people with no integrity, resulting in slack work and cyber crimes
A recent incident involving a slack senior manager resulted in one of Singapore’s worst data breaches. SingHealth cyber attack COI: Senior manager reluctant to report attack because he did not want to deal with pressure. Outsourcing IT responsibilities to a reputable organisation with positive client testimonials can circumvent this issue. 

Relying too much on human labour
Establish a way to monitor system checks and automate this process so that nothing gets missed out. Human errors are bound to occur. Investing in a solution that automates this process will greatly reduce the number of mistakes made.

Not having a ticketing system that keeps humans accountable for the system errors
A ticketing system that tags issues to the relevant employees in-charge will keep them accountable for checking on the systems regularly and attending to issues promptly.Outsourcing the IT department to a professional IT company that provides round-the-clock monitoring of your devices organisation-wide through ticketing systems can ensure accountability.

Not sending IT employees for regular training and upgrading courses
The world is fast paced and with the speed that technology is evolving, not keeping employees trained and up-to-date with current trends can result in insufficient protection of your organisation’s systems and processes.All employees at Nucleo Consulting are sent for upgrading courses – all our IT Support Engineers are equipped with the relevant know-how to troubleshoot for our clients. We are also available as an outsourced IT department. 

Having weak IT policies and not doing consistent half-yearly or yearly reviews
In the SingHealth cyber attack incident, there was “no written protocol for how IHiS staff who discover cyber-security incidents related to SingHealth should report the matter.” according to Mr Benedict Tan, chief information officer of SingHealth’s technology vendor, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS).
IT policies that are not well constructed, followed and reviewed regularly contribute to the occurrence of such lapses in cyber security.

Our Managing Director Sandra is a certified Lead Auditor for ISO27001 (Information Security Standard). ISO is a globally recognised qualifying body for International Standards. We are offering a complimentary review of your organisation’s IT policies for a limited time. Contact us today!

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