Finnish Psychotherapy Centre Data Breach: What We Can Learn

  • July 21st, 2024
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Types of costs associated with data breaches

  • Digital forensics
  • Cybersecurity firm
  • Credit monitoring
  • PR/Communications firm
  • Legal counsel
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost revenue
  • Reputation

About The Case


Due to the hackings, the new owner of the
psychotherapy company is in deep trouble with hefty fees and bruised customer confidence.

  • Divulge of Confidential Information
    Patient information including social security numbers and transcripts between patients and their therapists were disclosed online for all to read, causing emotional distress to patients.
  • Pending lawsuits from patients
    Due to the data breach, patients are intending to file lawsuits against the psychotherapy centre

Cost Factors associated with data breaches

  • Unexpected and unplanned loss of customers following a data breach.
  • Number of records lost or stolen during the incident
  • Time taken to “Identify and Contain” a data breach incident
  • Detection and escalation of the data breach incident

Basic Security Solutions Required for SMEs

  • Adequate end-user training
    Even with the best software, end-users remain the weakest link when it comes to compromise. Cyber awareness training is key to ensuring that your employees are aware of what to do to avoid divulging sensitive company information by accident.

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