Is it time for a NAS upgrade?

When do you replace a NAS device? Here’re a few signs to look out for to be prepared in case the system crashes.

1. Years left on Warranty Coverage 

Every new NAS comes with a limited warranty of about 3 years or so. Extended warranty can be purchased when it has expired. From there, you can decide whether it is more cost-effective to maintain your aging device or if it is better to purchase a new piece.

2. Ease of Maintenance

As with all electronic components, RAM and processor components may be harder to find. The cost of replacing your old NAS is likely lesser than the cost of downtime and lost productivity when the device fails. In addition, your IT team will need to drop their tasks to focus on the repair.

3. Deteriorating Performance

If you notice a decline in performance and that your NAS is affecting productivity, it is likely time to replace it with an upgraded NAS device.

4. App Support

Like any server, a NAS device requires an operating system, DNS software, and other applications to support various business needs. In order to continually deliver, the hardware must be able to accommodate the upgrades, updates, and patches your business applications demand.

5. Management

As IT staff, systems and management evolve, managing the failing NAS is a sign that you should start hunting for replacements. Maintaining an old NAS device beyond its shelf life may be like pouring money down an open drain.
Replacing your NAS with a newer model with an assurance of manufacturer warranty allows you to focus on the bigger tasks at hand while your data is stored securely.

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