Fatal Consequences of Not using Email Encryption

  • July 21st, 2024
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By design, most email systems do not encrypt emails, leaving about 40% to 50% of an average of 38 trillion emails sent and received yearly unsecured. Even then, most people do not find it necessary to encrypt emails.Emails which are not encrypted should not be used to send sensitive information as it only takes one email to compromise and even cripple your entire system.

1. You could lose massive amounts to scam emails
Scam emails have become more believable nowadays and it takes more than pure common sense to avoid falling victim. It is increasingly difficult to weed out malicious phishing emails as the sender’s name and email addresses appear to be legitimate at first glance.We’ve seen real-life cases where email invoices were intercepted and details changed by the hackers.

As a trusted IT consultancy company in Singapore, Nucleo Consulting aims to protect our clients against such cases with Virtru. You can request for trusted business contacts to verify their virtual identity with Virtru.

2. You could risk being compromised on Public WIFI networks
Connecting to public WIFI networks, even password-protected ones, puts you at risk of being compromised by hackers. If you have no choice, encrypt emails that you send out using Nucleo Virtru to protect sensitive data. Pick a virtual private network (VPN) that is trustworthy and does not log user traffic or share user data with others.

3. Your financial information will be unprotected and accessible by hackers
Small and medium sized businesses without proper IT compliance policies may often send and receive invoices, bills, payslips and other sensitive financial information such as bank account numbers, which are of value to hackers. Businesses who do not enforce strict IT privacy policies may fall victim to serious damage to finances and reputation.Encrypted emails ensure that your  emails are unreadable to the attackers even if your account is hacked.

4. Failing IT compliance
Breaching data privacy laws could get your organisation into trouble – and this could happen if your network is compromised by hackers and emails are not encrypted. All the different compliance metrics require you to do the same thing: protect the data of your employees and customers.In every case, encrypted email can help you do just that, preventing accidents and data breaches in the case of a hacker breaking into your system.That’s why a reliable IT consultancy such as Nucleo Consulting can detect the gaps in your security system and build up a robust system.

Email encryption is no longer an option, but a priority. Speak to us today on encrypting your data!

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