Five Most Common Data Breaches

What is data breach?

Data breaches are incidents where information is accessed without authorisation. Caused either intentionally or unintentionally, data breaches result in potentially damaging consequences.

Data breaches can occur in the following ways . Here are some examples of data breach.

1. Hacked Server

One of the first assumptions that most people come up with when they hear about data breaches is that the server has been hacked. A hacker uses bugs or exploits to access the information on the computer by gaining control of the server.

2. Accidental Publishing

As the term implies, accidental publishing is a human error. It is caused when employees send the wrong information to the wrong people via emails, text messages or social media platforms.

3. Inside Job

Inside jobs are done by employees with malicious ulterior motives who could have been paid off to extract data and send it to a third party.

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4. Lost Devices

5. Poor Security

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At Nucleo Consulting, we protect our clients against data breaches by setting up and analysing their security network for loopholes and gaps, before diagnosing an appropriate solution.

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