Benefits of Colocation

  • July 21st, 2024
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Colocation is a data centre facility where businesses can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Think of it as a space rental service – a secure space with cooling, power and bandwidth that is suitable for computing hardware to function optimally. This is especially crucial in times of emergencies e.g. power failures, flooding, damage to equipment. Businesses can use colocation to minimise their business downtime.


1. High security
Colocation offers a high degree of security and this is crucial when there is sensitive business information that needs to be protected. Data centre facilities restrict access only to authorised personnel. Data centres have strict physical security measures such as limited entry points, door control, verification of identity, CCTV systems and permanent security staff.

2. Optimal setup for server equipment
Colocation allows you to use the full-fledged facilities of a data centre which keeps your server equipment running smoothly.Hardware of today require certain cooling equipment, conditioned power, backup generators, sophisticated security systems and all these have their own backups in case of failure.Purchasing all these equipment and keeping it in prime condition on-site can be time-consuming and costly.

3. Flexibility
A great benefit of colocation is the flexibility it provides. Spikes in data traffic can be easily accommodated without having to invest in extra infrastructure. Expansion can be quick and easy without heavy investment – simply add on an extra server.Colocation facilities typically offer customisable plans for varying business needs and it comes with built-in benefits such as technical support, redundancy and connectivity, all of which could be costly if maintained on-site.

4. Uninterrupted business operations
Regardless of what happens on-site, business operations will not be affected if critical applications and data are stored safely at the data centre. Businesses can resume with little downtime even in the event of emergencies such as flooding, fire or power failure at the main office grounds.

5. Meeting compliance for physical security
With office rental at a premium, server rooms in small and medium sized companies tend to double up as storage rooms. It is unwise to have unregulated access to the room with hardware containing sensitive information critical for business operations. Unrestricted access to server rooms is a huge hazard for data security as people with ill-intentions can easily access and meddle with the equipment and is not in line with compliance for IT standards.

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