Maximize Your Breaktime While Working From Home

  • June 23rd, 2024
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Remote working is the norm due to the pandemic, but without being in an office environment, you might find that you lose track of time without a proper routine. In the office, there are scheduled lunch breaks and your colleagues may suggest taking breaks together. This is not the case when everyone works from home.

Taking a break does not mean that you are slacking off. Working non-stop actually hinders your productivity and causes eye-strain. We’ll show you how to maximise your break when working from home.

1) Go screen-free during your break

What do you do during your break? Majority of people will check their phones for the latest updates on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram before our break ends and we go back to staring at another screen.

For your next break, try something entirely different. Stand up, move your body or follow a short home exercise video on YouTube. Even a cuddle session with your cat can make a difference.  

2) If you are easily distracted, take productive breaks

“Just one more cat video on YouTube” can turn a 15-minute break into a 3-hour one if you are the type that gets easily distracted. If so, for your break, do something that is not work-related but keeps you in a productive mindset. Some examples of tasks you can complete during a work break includes:

1. Doing the laundry
2. Making your shopping list
3. Complete your online shopping
4. Calling a friend

Checking things off your personal to-do list is not work-related, but it keeps you motivated. These tasks that are productive but easy can be perfect for taking a break as they keep you aligned in work-mode.

3) Take a Microbreak

A microbreak – just staring into greenery for 40 seconds – doesn’t break your momentum but helps you power up if you need to concentrate on tedious tasks.

4) It’s not a matter of If, but When

Taking a break in the morning instead of in the afternoon can boost your productivity. Why? By 3 p.m., it may be too late. You’re already drained and are good only for brainless administrative tasks or cleaning out your email inbox. But in the morning, you can still regain your 9 a.m. levels of focus after a rejuvenating break. Many of us focus better in the morning, so extend your peak productivity by taking a break around 10 or 11.

5) Exercise your eyes

Eight hours of intensive staring at computer screens won’t do anyone good. Give your eyes a break during break time and refrain from turning to another screen. Instead, look out of a window into a distance for at least 20 seconds. The 20-20-20 rule states to rest your eyes every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds by looking at an object at least 20 feet (6.1 metres) away. Otherwise, you could also massage your eyes by performing eye exercises.

In short, breaks are a must to prevent yourself from draining out. Keeping these tips in mind will keep you productive for a longer time.

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