Email Security: Understanding the damages

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Our e-mails go through several mail servers to reach the recipient. This process is somewhat like sending out our regular mail but digitized. It may seem like the emails were sent out almost instantly, but in fact, it passes through a series of mail servers after you hit that ‘send’ button.

Not all companies own their own mail servers. Most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) choose to have their emails hosted with a service provider, which is more cost efficient in the long run. Email hosting refers to the renting of email server space from the service provider, allowing the business to use their preferred domain name to distinguish their business (example:

Email security is more than just knowing how to identify phishing emails. Email-borne cyber threats are not new. In fact, they have become very common over the years.

Earlier this month, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) informed consumers of phishing emails impersonating their officers. Two mailboxes were affected in this incident- ‘’, which is used to communicate with consumers who had lodged a complaint on CASE’s website. And ‘’, which is used to communicate with those who are on the mediation stage.

The cybercriminals had sent out phishing emails, pointing the consumers to take part in a live chat, and to make payment relating to the complaints lodged to receiving monetary compensation.

Knowing the damages

No matter work or personal email, the damages of a compromised email account is destructive. Cybercriminals can access hacked emails to get their hands on sensitive information which they could use to access other online accounts. They can also use the hacked email account to send out phishing emails to your clients, suppliers, colleagues, and other business partners.

It was shared in a report earlier this year that about 150 users have become a victim of spoofed business emails, with the total losses of at least $70.8 million in 2022.

Not only are financial losses at stake. Your company’s branding, your reputation and the trust built with your partners, suppliers and clients over the years are at risks. Not all small businesses can take the damage!

There is a lot more to email security. Apart from the IT tips provided by IT experts, ensuring that your emails are hosted securely is an important step that businesses often overlooked. Engaging in secured email hosting services would allow you to have an ease of mind for the following:

  • Total email protection

If you think that a sent email is no longer your responsibility, think again. No matter if the email is in transit, or still sitting around in your employee’s inbox, it is at risk. Ensuring that your company’s emails are hosted with a secured service provider is the first step to protecting your emails. Emails are one of the main ways of communicating among users. Take a good look in your mailboxes, how much sensitive information can you locate? Can you take the risk for being hacked?

  • Protection against impersonation

How likely is your customer going to provide you with sensitive information via emails? If the relationship is built well over the years and the email came from your domain, chances are, they are very likely furnish you with the details.

By ensuring that your mailbox is protected against intruders or unauthorized users from sending emails using your company’s domain will decrease the chance of them falling into the hands of these cyber criminals.

  • Phishing attacks

Sensitive information contained in your mailboxes can be used to spread the attack or be sold on the dark web for financial profits. Our emails usually contains more than just our own information. Client details, supplier details, legal documents, contracts and other confidential data are often found in emails too!

No matter if you have an in-house mail server or engaged in email hosting services with a service provider, know that prevention is key to defense off any cyber threats coming your way. Remember, you can always speak to the person in charge of your email server or your email hosting service provider for solutions on strengthening your email security.

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