Customer Portal Navigation Guide

1. Visit Nucleo Consulting’s Website at

2. Hover your mouse over to More… and Click Login

3. You will be directed to the Client Portal Login Page

4. Enter email ( for Username

Enter Password

Select Login

5. This is what you see at the home page

6. Click Create a Ticket or New Ticket to request for quotation & service

7. This page is where you make a request

8. Click View My Ticket or My Tickets to view all your tickets

9. All your tickets will be displayed here

10. Click Search All Tickets or Ticket Search to search for a ticket

11. Search for a ticket by Ticket NumberTicket Title or Create Date

12. Click Recently Completed Tickets to view all the completed tickets

13. Hover mouse over Knowledgebase, Select Search Knowledgebase

14. You can view some help articles here

15. Hover mouse over Custom Links, Select Get Teamviewer from Nucleo Consulting Website

16. You will be directed to this page and the download for Teamviewer will start

17. Hover mouse over Custom Links, Select Nucleo Consulting Channel

18. You will be directed to Nucleo’s Youtube channel and watch a series of self-help videos

19. Hover mouse over Custom Links, Select Payment (Paypal)

20. You will be directed to our Paypal page and you can make payment from there.

Nucleo Consulting Pte Ltd
ROC: 201214085K
1 Claymore Drive #02-03 Singapore 229594
Support: +65 6911 0533 (Option 1) / Office: +65 6911 0533 (Option 2)

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