NuPenTest- Affordable Quarterly Pentesing Tool

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Flexible scheduling of date,
time and frequency.

Threat Reduction

Effectively reduces
cybersecurity risks,
vulnerabilities and breaches.

Supported by Experts

Just like hiring your own eCPPT,
OSCP, and OSCE certified
consultants with over 10 years of
experience and more than 13
industry certifications to keep your
network and systems cyber-safe.

Meets Compliance

Meet requirements for cyber
insurance and regulatory
compliance for an external and
internal network penetration test.

Threat Reduction

Automated egress filtering testing ensures
effective restrictions on unnecessary
outbound traffic. Unrestricted outbound
access can allow cybercriminals to steal
sensitive data from your organization.

Authentication Attacks

Automatically attempts to validate
credentials and determine their usefulness
upon the discovery of user account
credentials. Authentication attack is a
common process executed by both
malicious attackers and penetration testers
and is performed during privilege escalation.

Privilege Escalation & Lateral Movement

Attempts to identify valuable areas within
your organization using a valid set of
credentials. This is conducted through
several methods, including the use of
NuPenTest’s Leprechaun tool which helps
to locate sensitive targets.

Data Exfiltration

Any critical data leaving your organization is
an extremely serious concern. If access to
confidential and/or sensitive data can be
attained, NuPenTest will simulate and log this
activity to help your organization tighten
areas that should restrict data exfiltration.

Simulated Malware

With elevated access, NuPenTest will attempt
to upload malicious code into remote systems
in an attempt to test the organization’s end-
point anti-malware controls.


Our detailed reports will allow your IT
engineers to cross-reference our activities
with monitoring and alerting controls.

Using a device connected to your internal network,
our engineers will identify security vulnerabilities
present within your internal network environment.
These activities simulate that of a malicious

Assuming the role of a cybercriminal from the
public Internet, our engineers will identify
security flaws within your external network
environment. These flaws may include patching,
configuration, and authentication issues.