Access Sonicwall Portal

1. Navigate to the IP address given by your IT support 2. Click on “Advanced” 3. Click on “Proceed/Continue to …” 4. Login by keying in the […]

Add VPN User

1. Navigate to the homepage 2. Click on the “Device” tab. 3. Go to “Users” 4. Go to “Local Users & Groups” which is located under the […]

Generate Sonicwall Reports

1. Navigate to the “Monitor” tab 2. Go to “CTA Reports” which is located under “AppFlow” 3. To see the reports from a certain date range, use […]

Install Sonicwall Mobile Connect

Installation(1) & How to connect to SonicWall Mobile Connect(2) (Win OS)(1) Go to Windows Search Bar which is located on the bottom left beside the Windows logo […]

Restrict Website Access

1. Navigate to the “Object” tab. 2. Go to “Profile Objects” 3. Go to “Content Filter” which is located under the “Profile Objects” 4. Hover over the […]

Reset User VPN Password

Navigate to the IP address given by your IT support to access SonicWall. 2. Login to SonicWall using the admin credentials. After entering the Username and Password, […]

How to connect to Sonicwall VPN

1. Make sure you are connected to internet 2. Open SonicWall NetExtender at homepage 3. Once open, fill in your VPN UserName and Password then click Connect (The server […]