Have complete control over the computers and devices in your organisation

Manage multiple devices with full confidence and control with NuMonitor. With real time notifications to your Administrators, issues are promptly resolved before your business day is interrupted.

Comply with industry ISO standards and government policies with NuMonitor; an easy cloud based monitoring solution!

Policy Driven

With policy driven Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), setup is only required once then deployable everywhere. Preferences can be customised for every device including software updates and everyday tasks. Be it organisation-wide, department-wide or group-wide, NuMonitor saves times and ensures consistent performance.


Tickets are tagged to devices - notifying your IT support team of problems in real-time to be quickly resolved.

Live Sync

Monitor and manage thousands of devices within a few hours of setup. Transition seamlessly and be in full control of all the devices in your organisation.