Be it Mac, Windows, laptop, desktop or tablets, you will be able to access all your information on the go with our DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) solution. NuWorkspace overcomes legacy software or incompatible software that cannot be used on a different platform (e.g., accessing Windows applications via a MacBook).

Your corporate information can be secured when implementing BYOD policies in your company using NuWorkspace. We can build this using your existing structure, so you do not forgo your current IT investments.


BYOD allows you to use your own devices to access privileged company information and applications on the go despite being on different platforms.


By using NuWorkspace, your data will be kept securely with us. In case of cyber attacks to any of your users’ devices that are not within your control, your data will still be 100% safe with us.

Cloud Computing

You will be able to use a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage, store and process data instead of on a local or individual computer. Cloud computing lets you gain access to all these information via different devices or even from an internet cafe safely. All you need is a web browser!