Firewall-as-a-Service solution to keep your organisation protected from threats


In partnership with Sonicwall

NuSecure is a on-demand Firewall-as-a-Service solution that keeps you protected by blocking threats once identified and verified. It is an advanced gateway security suite that provides you with control and access.

 Low Cost Investment With No Hidden Cost
 Pay As You Use, Warranty & Security Services All Bundled In
 24 x 7 Real Time Monitoring
 Get The Latest Firewall All The Time
 Latest & Only Technology To Block Ransomware
 Fast & Reliable Scanning In Sandbox (Multi–Engine Platform)

Gateway Security Services

Real-time protection with gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and app intelligence and control

Content Filtering Services

Control access to web content that is unproductive, inappropriate and malicious.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection

Stop Zero-day attacks automatically with cloud-based multi-engine sand-boxing.
*Zero-day attack: An attack launched on the day a weakness in security software is uncovered
*Sand-boxing: Isolated test environment to detonate suspicious files or URLs

Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service

Remove junk mail at the gateway with one click.