Complete control of your email correspondences


In partnership with Virtru

Encrypt all your emails with a simple browser plugin; Virtru. With Virtru’s end to end encryption, prevent loss or breach of your data by ensuring your emails reach your intended recipient(s). Safely send emails through Microsoft 365, Gsuite or even 3rd party servers without additional steps and interrupting your organisation’s workflow.

Virtru complies to HIPAA standards. 

Restrict and Audit Access

Monitor where your data travels to and manage access to it, even after it has been read.

Enforce Data Protection Policies

Virtru is the solution to complying with data protection requirements in government and corporate privacy policies, as it fills many of the usability, control, and security gaps not present in mainstream email systems.

Revoke, Expire, Track or Disable Forwarding

Users and administrators can revoke access to content, control forwarding, set expiration dates, audit trails, and more with access control policies. Settings can be applied organisation-wide, department-wide or group-wide.

Gain Visibility and Insight

Know where your emails and files are forwarded to; within or beyond your organisation.