Cyber Essentials Online Training Course

One of Singapore’s FIRST fully online cyber awareness training courses!

Educate yourself or your employee to strengthen your overall cyber defenses!

Equip yourself with essential cyber security knowledge and gain awareness of cyber threats and internet risk prevention. Know what to do, how to respond, how to prevent, and how to spot cyber threats when you see one!


  1. Interactive content and modules
  2. Accessible on mobile, tablet, and PCs
  3. Knowledge assessments
  4. Unlimited access to content anytime, anywhere!

Cyber Essentials Online Training Modules

Executive Training

Business Email Compromise

Cyber Safety at Home

Cyber Threats

Incident Response

Information Protection

Insider Threats


Mobile Device Security



Physical Security

Social Networking

Surfing the Web

Travel Security


What Others Are Saying…

“I found the course very useful because I am somebody who is not very good at IT and don’t know much about computers. ”

– Karen, Finance

“An interactive and fun approach to educate employees on cyber security. This course is easy to understand and helpful for my employees.”

– Kevin, Director

“Initially, I thought it would be teaching me what I already knew. But I did gain more useful knowledge and tips after this training.”

– Valerie, Manager