What is NuProtect?

Backup, restore and maintain access to critical data and systems. Nucleo offers robust onsite and offsite data protection for your servers that holds your critical applications, data, and databases. The above is achieved with the top image backup software combined with our well-managed system structure in a data centre located in Singapore. It enables us to offer 24/7 monitoring and notification, single point of contact and 24/7 coverage for customer request.

Cross-Platform System Protection

Protect Windows and Linux systems, whether physical or virtual, with one backup software solution.


Run backups regularly, even when people work, delivering excellent Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Disaster Recovery

Having remote copies of backups provides flexibility and options during a disaster. Replicate backups onsite (local device, server) or offsite (co-location facility, third-party cloud, private cloud).


Move a physical or virtual system to a new machine without losing uptime regardless of your hardware choice.

Nucleo Datto


Operating System Supported

Windows, Mac, Linux

Windows, Linux

Licensing type

Unlimited Agents

Per PC/Server


Datto brand

Synology brand

On-premise Local Backup



Offsite Backup

Default yes, to the cloud storage by Datto

Optional, to private cloud storage under NuCloud solution

Standby Hardware

No, but hardware replacement covered under warranty

Optional, standby server available under NuRecovery solution

Remote Management of Backups



24/7 Monitoring of Backups



Verification of Backups



Location of Offsite Backups

Singapore Data Centre

Singapore Data Centre

Exact Location of Offsite Backups

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Singapore Data Centre