Backup and Rapid Recovery Solution

Every second matters when it comes to running a business. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your clients’ data and your own. Drive your organisation forward with a peace of mind with an ensured continuity of your infrastructure with Nucleo Datto.

In the event of compromise from malware, simply restore your last backup and expect continuity to your workflow from regular snapshots of your data on the cloud.

Backup & Restore in Seconds​

Protect yourself from data deletion, overwriting, malware attacks or hardware failure with Nucleo Datto’s automatic backups. Restore your original data with only a few clicks onto your device in seconds. No more tedious image booting or command lines.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Virtualise your whole infrastructure easily in defence of hardware failure or cyber attacks. Restore the backed up images stored on the Cloud and expect seamless continuity within seconds.

Ransomware Detection & Protection​

Be 100% sure with Nucleo Datto’s active monitoring of backups to notify admins of suspicious malware infiltration. Roll back the affected system and resume business as usual.

Integrated Platform

Collect, manage, schedule, virtualise, restore or even test-boot your server images on a single integrated platform.

Cloud Storage

Backups are all stored safely in a data centre based in Singapore. With Nucleo Datto, your backups are intelligently replicated and managed on a fixed schedule.

Unlimited Agents

Have as many agents to your preference on multiple workstations on any OS to provide scheduling and execution of your backup images to your local device.


Nucleo Datto

Operating System Supported

Windows, Linux

Windows, Mac, Linux

Licensing type

Per PC/Server

Unlimited Agents


Synology brand

Datto brand

On-premise Local Backup



Offsite Backup

Optional, to private cloud storage under NuCloud solution

Default yes, to the cloud storage by Datto

Standby Hardware

Optional, standby server available under NuRecovery solution

No, but hardware replacement covered under warranty

Remote Management of Backups



24/7 Monitoring of Backups



Verification of Backups



Location of Offsite Backups

Singapore Data Centre

Singapore Data Centre

Exact Location of Offsite Backups

Singapore Data Centre

Amazon Web Services (AWS)